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Louis Hansel Blog is On, It'll Be Fun

August 7, 2021

Four years ago, before moving to Africa, I tried to start my first blog. After not finding enough inspiration, I ended up giving up before I even really begun.

Now it's different. I am beginning a new chapter in my professional life. Can you guess who my main inspiration is? Yes, you there on the other side.

Louis Hansel Blog will be updated weekly. The three content categories are:

What's Happening 

What's happening in my personal and professional life. Always having in mind how the posts can bring value to you.

Digital Marketing

Tips and strategies for you to run your business effectively in the digital world.

Restaurant Photography

I cannot physically be in every restaurant in the world, but why not my knowledge of photography? You will be able to take better pictures from now on.

I'm excited and looking forward to it. Let's share a great time here on Louis Hansel Blog.