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I Hit 802 Consecutive Fasts, You Can Too

August 7, 2021

By eating less, you can live a lot better.

Today I woke up at 4:03 am, and like every day, I exercised and went to my reading. When I passed through the kitchen, the morning sun began to reflect a mysterious object.

Well, not so mysterious, a banana. My first thought was to grab and eat it whole, and maybe two. After a second of staring at each other, a voice in my mind reminded me that I was fasting, and I still had a few more hours to endure.

Hard to resist!

I have just completed 802 consecutive fasts, and I can say that I am not the same person. Everything in my life has improved, from my mental health to my financial health.

How many hours can you go without food? For many people fasting for more than 16, 13, or even 9 hours is surreal. But the benefits are clear, and the reality is that it is not that difficult.

Here are some of my secrets to inspire you:

Secret One

Stop eating early. When I am doing 16 hours of fasting, I try to stop eating as soon as possible. It also helps with my sleep at night. Consequently, on the next day, the fast ends early too.

Secret Two

Drink green tea. I am a big fan of coffee, but this year I fell in love with green tea. It does not break the fast, and there are so many benefits  (brain functioning, fat burning, cancer prevention, etc.) that it deserves its own blog post. 

Secret three

Have a fasting partner. It is easy to break promises and grab that snack before the fast is over. When you start fasting with a partner, everything changes. That snack can easily be left for later. 

I fast every day with my girlfriend, and if I did not have her, fasting every day would become much more difficult.

“If you set a goal, it should meet these two conditions: 1) It matters; 2) You can influence the outcome."

—Peter Attia

These were three of my “secrets” that I use daily to fast more effectively. My goal is to reach a thousand fasts. I would love to have more allies. It is no fun to win a race with no one to celebrate. 

So, time to fast?