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Which giveaway type is the Right One for Your Restaurant?

August 7, 2021
Which giveaway type is the Right One for Your Restaurant?

Are you ready for some buzz? Run giveaways in this innovative digital age is a good idea for your restaurant because it can unleash the spirit of competition among your customers.

A giveaway is not only to generate a buzz around your services and offers but a way to attract more customers. And between us, almost everyone loves to participate or watch a competition. 

What's the first step to run a giveaway on my restaurant?

In London, Christina wants to increase the number of people in her Indonesian restaurant. She is already doing some digital marketing but intends to use other methods to attract more customers.

She sees the ideal opportunity when faced with the idea of running giveaways to her online audience. But, what's the first step?

Like Christina, you might be interested in attracting more customers through giveaways. The first thing to do is decide which type of giveaway is right for you.

There are two main types of giveaways you can run:


This giveaway type is similar to what happens in the lottery. When this giveaway is in place, being lucky means win the prize.


A contest giveaway asks for action from the participant. It can be to post a photo, fill a form, or enter an email address. 

Here luck is not on the menu, and the judges evaluate the participants by specific criteria or votes.

Marketing tip

Use a landing page to show information and subscribe to your giveaway.

Why not save time and host on my social media channel?

You want to avoid it because the chosen social media channel can have super strict rules that can surprisingly block your way.

After knowing the two main types of giveaways, Christina decided to run the contest one. Did she succeed? We will know in the future.

There are more points you need to consider when running a successful giveaway. One that will make you run out of chairs. 

But don't worry, more posts are coming where I'll be talking about successful giveaways.

Which one would you choose?