Louis Hansel

Digital Marketing

Own Your Restaurant, Own the Marketing Failures

August 7, 2021
Own Your Restaurant, Own the Marketing Failures

We are all humans, and sooner or later, we will make mistakes in marketing and life.

Imagine the end of the year is here. A lot of customers want to rent your restaurant for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. You're festive, the social media plan for your restaurant worked, and now you and your team can finish the year with high fives.

Feedback is going tremendously well until Christmas day. Your team mistakenly booked your restaurant for three groups instead of only one.  

What would you do?

Complain and point fingers, give your back and walk away, or acknowledge the mistake by taking full responsibility?

The majority will choose the last option, but it's not that easy when it happens in reality. You and your team need to be prepared mentally for it.

Own The Failures 

Take responsibility and explain what exactly happened. That's the right thing to do. Otherwise, your customers can get even more frustrated and angry. 

Don't leave to Christmas day to reflect on it and ask Santa a year with no problems and miscalculations. Be ready for them because they might come sooner than you think.