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Have a Successful Social Media Strategy With These 4 Key Points

August 19, 2021
Have a Successful Social Media Strategy With These 4 Key Points

Having a successful social media marketing strategy for your restaurant is like hosting a successful dinner party. Your job is to keep the chatter flowing and fun. While also creating a welcoming atmosphere. 

It takes a solid plan, an open mind, and close attention to the wants and needs of your guests. The same applies to your business. You need to understand planning, data analysis, and focus on your customers.

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Every single post on social media should be part of a larger social media strategy. Being informative yet approachable builds follower loyalty. Use hashtags and ask questions to get a good engagement.

The key points involve your voice, conversation, content, and timing. What about setting the table and taste each one separately?

Key Point 1 - Your Voice

Shape your voice and presence around your audience, around your customers. How? You need to know them better and better. 

What are their interests?

Knowing what they are into to will help you understand your customers. One thing you already know, they like your cuisine. From here, you can go deep into their interests by listening to their stories and points of view.

Where do they live? 

Where your customers live is easy to know. You might think because they are coming to you, but not always. 

You might have customers coming from other neighborhoods or even other cities. Grasping where your customers live will help you to develop a powerful message.

What do they do?

By learning what their jobs and careers are, you can create special occasions and experiences. For example, if you are looking for new team members, you might find customers from your restaurant interested in your positions.

Are there other social media sites they visit?

Imagine trying to reach teenagers on LinkedIn, it is possible, but the odds are that TikTok will be better. You might be focusing on the wrong social media platform or leaving aside platforms that would benefit you. 

Analyze other platforms and test them out.

"By knowing your audience, you find your voice. By finding your voice, you can reach your audience."

Key Point 2 - Your Conversation

The conversation is all about the needs and wants of your audience, not yours. If they like your pizza with less dough, why not satisfy their wishes and make them happy?

I touched a bit about selling on this post. The point is that sales can happen through social media channels. However, it should not be the main focus. Entertainment, value, and community building should.

Key Point 3 - Your Content

Think about your content, like the furniture in your restaurant. It showcases your taste, generates dialogue, and keeps a consistent style.

With that out of the table, you need to create content that makes people feel comfortable. Because your audience should feel good after each post you present.

Nothing wrong with letting them know about your delicious servings. While we all love to see beautiful food, you can be less selling in every post. Use social media to tell your story, connect with your audience, and portray a feeling.

To build customer loyalty, keep in mind to take your audience behind the scenes as well. Share news, videos, and unique photos.

Key Point 4 - Your Timing

Timing is critical because it is easy to overload your audience with unnecessary content.

Have a schedule in place, and avoid posting multiple times in a row. You can use the hot and cold strategy. Post once a day, and skip a couple of days sometimes.

Another thing, post when they are active, so you have chances of more engagement.

Time to close the menu. Soon more posts on social media marketing will come because I love this topic and bring valuable content to you. For today, I hope you got some great tips on social media marketing with this reading.

Before the goodbye, here are three highlights I would like to make for your brilliant social media marketing plan:

  • Think about the end benefits. You could show how you are creating a better world through your initiatives.
  • Staff members in action. Instead of hiding your staff, expose them happily, making their valuable contribution.
  • Success stories. Reveal how your service has changed the lives of your customers and other people for the better.

Keep the focus on the four essential points of your next social media campaign, and let me the results. I'd love to hear from you!