How Can You Grow Your Restaurant Fast?

September 13, 2021
How Can You Grow Your Restaurant Fast?

Nobody wants to open a restaurant and wait years to see some growth. The good news is, you don't have to wait. We live in a world where the technologies at our disposal facilitate the maturity of our businesses.

But how to acquire years of growth in just a few months or even weeks? Well, welcome to the world of growth hacking!

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What's Growth Hacking? 

You're probably a growth hacker in your restaurant without knowing it. Growth hacking is a style of marketing where the marketer aims every tactic at building or quickly expanding a business.

If you're not a growth hacker, I can assume you were influenced by one. They're everywhere nowadays.

Would you be curious to know what happened when a developer joined forces with a marketer? Well, growth hacking is the fruit of that relationship.

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It was born when developers and marketers wanted to promote their startups as quickly as possible to generate quick replies, fixes, and consequently growth.

But with a small budget, life can be difficult, and you need to make well-thought-out decisions. Does this sound familiar?

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Is Growth Hacking for Your Restaurant or Only For Tech Startups?

Many people relate the word "hacking" to something ethically wrong or exclusively for startups or tech companies.

That's not the case, and yes, you can not only implement growth hacking in your restaurant, but you should pay serious attention to it. One thing to keep in mind is that it's a mindset. Mindset? Yes, you heard me right!

Growth hacking is a mindset because you need to think a lot about growth, I mean a lot.

After tonnes of ideas and thoughts, you will begin noticing gaps that you can use to get more customers.

Examples of growth hacking marketing tactics are:

  • Blogs (I love writing, and it's my favorite tactic)
  • Platform APIs
  • Search engineering marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Referral Programs.

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After this post, I bet you're ready to start your growth hacking journey in your restaurant and see it quickly grow. By the way, I didn't go deep to avoid overloading you with information. 

This blog post is more like an introduction to growth hacking.

Next post, I'll talk about each example separately and how you can use them in marketing and growing your restaurant.

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