Fine Dining Marketing Consultancy

Guess what? We're here to give you not only one but all marketing strategies to achieve your most tasteful goals. With half a decade working with fine dining restaurants, Louis Hansel is the artistic marketing consultant in front of Lou & Co.

For fine dining restaurants that want to attract and retain customers through strategic marketing, Lou & Co is a marketing consultancy that guides you through all aspects of making a restaurant distinctive and profitable.

Unlike crowded and robotic agencies in the industry, we work with a limited amount of restaurants and with a dedicated personal assistant. We have assembled the most effective services to meet your needs!

Mr. Hansel was 15 years old when he was watching TV. It was Sunday morning. He came across a documentary showing a mother in an underdeveloped country preparing cookies made of clay, water, and salt to feed her family and others. His meals and life after that day were never the same again.

Thirteen years after that Sunday morning, when visiting a street market in North Africa, he envisioned restaurants helping communities, and he helping restaurants. It was the time.

A mission was born. Help those who care. So, we get better and help the world together!